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Throughout the year, The Sponsor hosts invitation-only, peer-to-peer roundtable events for brand marketing leaders to discuss best practices in the planning, activation, and measurement of sponsorship.

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Chase Centre stadium naming rights sponsorship
calendar icon29th January  – 09:30 EST

Stadium Sponsorship Mastery

Sofitel New York

Explore the benefits of stadium sponsorship over traditional methods. Learn how to implement stadium naming rights, respect history, set effective prices, and leverage opportunities.

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calendar icon30th April 2024  – 14:30 GMT

Engaging High-Net-Worth-Audiences

Hybrid – Sofitel St James, London

Discover the nuances of engaging high-net-worth individuals and understand the distinctive characteristics that define high-net-worth sponsorship success. Learn from relevant case studies covering concentrated audience demographics as well as techniques to target HNWs within mainstream events.

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Credit Suisse brand ambassador Roger Federer at a press conference
calendar icon26 th March 2024  – 09:30 GMT

Ambassador and Influencer Marketing


Dive into selecting the right brand ambassador or influencer. Understand effective pricing and unravel the secrets behind building enduring partnerships that resonate with your audience.

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data points on a sponsorship ROI calculation model
calendar icon10th April 2024  – 09:30 GMT

Decoding Media Value Equivalency

Hybrid – Dubai

Explore the effectiveness and limitations of media value equivalency as a measurement tool. Learn how AI enhances logo recognition, understand audience viewing behaviour , and improve brand exposure techniques.

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Qatar Airways is the official F1 airline partner
calendar icon23rd May 2024  – 13:30 GMT

Global Campaigns


Uncover the essentials of managing global sponsorship campaigns. Explore strategies for responsive communications, long-term planning, and understanding diverse audiences. Learn to create globally resonant content and discover holistic measurement approaches for comprehensive campaign assessment.

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Fair Market Value of Premeir League Club Sponsorship
calendar icon4th June 2024  – 09:30 GMT

Fair Market Value

Hybrid – London

Delve into the calculation of fair market value, gaining insights into its implications for sponsorship. Understand what fair-market-value reveals about sponsorship value and leverage this knowledge for strategic decision-making.

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