Peloton is fuelling its bold rebrand by sponsoring Liverpool FC

Peloton is fuelling its bold rebrand by sponsoring Liverpool FC

The global fitness firm Peloton peaked during a pandemic in which their product was a viable alternative to gyms and outdoor activity. Yesterday’s partnership announcement with Liverpool FC shows a brand doubling-down on their ambitions and leveraging sponsorship to refresh brand perception. In this article, we look at exactly how sponsorship can fuel a rebrand.  

What does the partnership hold?

    • Peloton has become the Reds’ first ever digital fitness partner, covering both men’s and women’s teams on a multi-year deal for an undisclosed fee. 
    • Peloton now has a presence at the AXA Training Centre in Kirkby and at Liverpool’s current pre-season training camp in Germany. The Peloton Bike, Tread, and accessories are a feature in each of these sites. 
    • In the near future, Peloton will also have a presence at Liverpool Women’s facility at Melwood. 

What is Peloton’s rebrand? 

In May, the company announced a rebrand after the full re-opening of gyms has led to a sharp decline in new users.

More Than A Bike: Over half of all workouts taken with Peloton were not cycling related. The company has therefore introduced their most expansive collection of free classes since it first launched in June 2018. 

Peloton App Membership: Peloton will now offer five distinct Membership tiers, with different prices that allow for a more personalised experience. It also includes a completely free tier.  

Peloton Gym: Available across each of the membership tiers, Peloton Gym offers supportive and accessible workouts to beginners and veterans alike.  

Why does the partnership make sense? 

Peloton bikes are not cheap. Together with the monthly subscription, the price has previously taken the product away from most consumers. Before this rebrand, sponsoring a team with such a ranging fan demographic mightn’t have made sense. 

With Peloton’s own broadened user demographic, through a more accessible product, the company has bolstered its relevance to Liverpool FC’s large-scale audience. This alignment as the brand looks to reboot its identity is sure to pay off. 

The timing of the partnership could not have been better. It marks a significant move that will help shape Peloton’s new identity.  

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